Training and Education

Morgårdshammar AB Sweden is the developer of this unique training academy. The participants attending the Guide Academy course will gain knowledge in the choice of Guide Equipment suitable to their special needs, the adjustment of these guides, groove profile, lubrication, bearing types and maintenance. They will improve their experience through discussions and practical exercises conducted by Morgårdshammar´s expert technicians. Training includes:

Theory and importance of guide systems
Guide adjustments
Work roll groove profile
Guide setup and the positive affect on surface quality,
cobble performance & section control
Bearing types
Maintaining guides and your guide maintenance practices

Target Particpants: Guide shop supervisors and personnel, guide set up personnel, rolling mill supervisors, members of rolling crews, process engineers, maintenance personnel, etc.

Course Language: English

Place: MORGARDSHAMMAR AB, Nya Ågatan 23, SE-777 82 Smedjebacken, Sweden

Course Program:

Included in Academy Program:

All course books and material, supervision, lunch, coffee and refreshments, transfer to and from hotel, dinner on 2nd day, diplomas and certificates.

Academy Price:

on request

For further information and reservation of the course please contact:


Mrs. Lilo Lenzen / Sales Office Germany
Phone: +49 2151 812914
Fax: +49 2151 631273