RX Guide Series

Self adjustable guide controlled from pulpit. The safest guide on the market.

The key component in the design of the guide is the servo motor with encoder that is controlling the gap between the roller arms. The operator selects the desired final dimension and grade and all roller guides are set via a button.

The guide can calculate the position and give feedback on the dimension of the stock. The roller holder arms adapt to continuous change in the dimension. Thus the guide can handle variations of the stock and automatically change dimensions in-between billets.

Safe: Force controlled roller arms – no need to enter mill floor to
adjust guides, they adjust themselves

Quick: Automatic dimension change – by a simple click on the
control screen

Consistent: Operator independent – settings stored in database

Flexible: Dynamic force controlled roller position – handles
dimension variations of stock

Helpful: Dimension feedback to operator

The guide is suitable for holding the oval to finishing round dimensions (FRD):

GuideFor finishing round
min/max Ø [mm]
Roller height
min/max Ø [mm]
RX 15 6/20 30 40/55
RX 25 8/30 45 45/65
RX 35 25/40 65 50/70
RX 60 35/65 110 60/100
RX 85 55/90 150 80/130
RX 125 85/140 200 120/180
RX 125 85/140 200 120/180
RX 185 120/200 250 150/230
RX 240 180/260 300 200/280

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