Roller Guides Rollers

Strength and Precision

Guide rollers for use in hot rolling mills for long products are exposed to extreme conditions like heat of approx. 1000°C, scale contaminated cooling water, and high rates of revolutions per minute. The rollers are also in direct contact with the hot metal which means extreme abrasive conditions.

Morgårdshammar guide rollers have had a superior performance since the time when our first roller guide was invented some 70 years ago. The rollers are used in guides for roughing stands with long contact periods at low speed and high temperatures, and at rolling speeds of over 100 m/ s in high-speed wire rod blocks.

Morgårdshammar has developed a special know-how in production of such rollers based on careful selection of raw materials in connection with precise mechanical machining and heat treatment.

Our standard materials in rolling mill applications for such extreme conditions have very high resistance to thermal shocks and wear. Besides our standard materials we also use special qualities to meet different or higher customer demands.