Rolling Mill Guides

Morgårdshammar guide systems - Our product range

From 1952 until the late 1970s, Morgårdshammar produced one basic series of roller guides, the well reputed standard series in 10 sizes from type 12 to 310. These guides were sold in great numbers to rolling mills worldwide.

With the introduction of faster continuous rolling mills, the demands on guide equipment gave rise to new trends in order to control the higher speed ranges and cater for easy and quick changeability of guide equipment. The result of this was a new series of roller guides which today is known as the 800 series. Now there was a product especially designed for cassette mounting.

All the other features which made Morgårdshammar guides world famous, such as strength and durability, were well retained. In all future developments we have taken and continue to take great care to maintain these standards.

Cassette mounting has become one of the major improvements concerning handling of guide equipment in modern rolling technology. Our company has had a leading function in the development of cassettes and adjustable bases. They are available for use in single or multiple stand mills. Cassettes are made with fixed or adjustable bases to allow accurate centring of the guides in relation to the pass line.

In earlier times the company mainly concentrated on the production of entry roller guides. However, modern continuous rolling mills demanded exit twist roller guides. These were added to our production programme in the 1960s and soon achieved the same excellent reputation as our entry roller guides.

Profile roller guides were later introduced into the product range, catering for the guiding of sections such as channels and angles. A complete range of guides for flats is also available, both for guiding into flat or edging passes.

To complete the programme of rolling mill guides under the umbrella of “Guide Systems”, a range of static entry and delivery guides was also created based on the same standards as the roller guides. This enables the user to utilise the same cassettes and makes it possible to change from static to roller guide and vice versa in no extra time.

In recent decades the technology of slitting bars into multiple strands from one billet has become a great task in guiding technique, due to the fact that this technology will boost the productivity of old rolling mills without major capital investment.

We at Morgårdshammar have developed such equipment for the slitting of bars into two, three and four strands.

Modern guiding requires excellent auxiliary equipment and here we like to point out setting tools and fixtures both for mechanical and optical setting of the guides. Also lubrication is of major importance, especially in high speed rolling. Here we supply oil/air lubrication systems of excellent quality.