Roller Guide for Flat and Profiles

Design feature of roller guides for wire rod block

For the particular demands for guiding of flat and profiled sections Morgårdshammar can provide our customers with a complete line of roller guides. The design of our line of roller guides is based on our long experience in the field of guiding of profiles and roller guides in general. It means that they are designed with focus on strength and precision and in a user-friendly environment.

The line of roller guides is divided into different groups with their own designation. The groups are:

PRD – The PRD guide is designed to be used for flat
section and all other different types of sections. It can
even, as an alternative to the PRG type of guide, be
used in the last two stands when rolling profiles.

F – Used for the same situations as the PRD type but with
a lower front roller for closer positioning to the stand.

PRG – Roller guide for profiles such as equal and unequal
angles, channels and beams. The PRG type of guide is
mainly used in the finishing and pre-finishing stands.
The design with two bottom rollers and one top roller is an
advantage for precise guiding into the grooves of the stand roll.

WEG – This type is an exit roller guide used for edging of flats,
squares and hexagons. It can preferably be used where a
accurate tolerance of the width of the material is important.