Entry Roller Guide

Entry roller guide 1000-series

The 1000-series is Morgårdshammar´s latest developed series of roller guides for guiding of various sections. It has been developed with the experience from the very successful and well known 900-series.

The series is available as Single pair Roller guide, SR, and Double pair Roller guide, DR. The 1000-series feature an identical patented central setting arrangement as the 900-series guides. This means that the guides are equipped with a single point adjustment for setting the distance between the rollers for both SR and DR versions. The development on the setting device compared to the 900-series is that the cam is operated by means of a worm gear. The arrangement guaranteeing an absolute accurate setting of the guide rollers and in addition it is self-locking. The design also allows the possibility to adapt a remote control device.

Precise setting of precise guides calls for precise setting tools. Morgårdshammar have developed and can provide the correct setting tools for all different needs and requirements.

The 1000-series are available in several different sizes both as SR and
DR type. The design is however made in order to minimize the number
of standardized parts to give the advantage of low inventory for our customers. For example the entry guide halves, rollers and inner roller holder common for both SR and DR type of guide of the same size. Also worm gear system is common for those versions.

Morgårdshammar can supply some of the presented guides in versions with wider body, recognised by an additional letter added to its name, “B” “C” etc. Please contact us for further details.

For arrangements where a DR-type of guide and short distance between guide roller and mill roll is crucial, Morgårdshammar have developed the P-version guide. The roller arrangement of the front pair of rollers is taken from the closest smaller type of guide. The table later shows the guide with wider body, “B”, but can be supplied in any version as a standard DR-type of guide.

The 1000-series guides are designed with single point symmetrical distance adjustment for quick, precise and reliable setting of the guide.
The single point adjustment allows parallel setting of all four rollers on a DR-type guide. Possibility for individual setting of roller vertical position.

The setting is carried out by means of a standard wrench or with remote control when it is installed.

The single point regulation system allows the 1000-series guide to be equipped with a remote control system without any special changes of the guide. The guide regulation is operated by a motor, of any kind, equipped with an encoder via a flexible shaft, as seen on the picture to the right.

Mounting of 1000-series roller guides

In order for Morgårdshammar to provide our customers with the correct guide selection and proposal for mountings we kindly recommend our customers to fill in the “General Enquiry Sheets” at the end of this chapter. You are of course also welcome to contact our offices or representatives around the world and we will be pleased to assist you.

The 1000-series guides can be easily mounted into the mill stand on base as well as into a cassette. Both alternatives can be designed as fixed or with fine pass adjustment for accurate setting about th pass line. The bases and cassettes can be provided as single or multiple strand type and in that way cover all possible needs. The cassette mounting is preferable when quick change of the guide equipment is required.