Optical setting

Precise setting of guides calls for precise setting tools. An accurate setting of a block roller guide is crucial. Morgårdshammar have developed and can provide the correct setting toll. There are two optical setting systems available.

The optical setting system, as shown, where the image of the rollers are projected, with magnification, on a template to compare the setting to the theoretical correct groove. The other optical system, the Hi-Line®, uses a camera and computer program instead of the template. The Hi-Line® optical system is a product provided in co-operation with Danieli Automation.

In addition to the optical bench there is also the optical centring projector available. The centring projector with its lamp source is used to center the base plate on the guide mounting system on wire rod block stand. It is also used for setting the roll gap in the roll stand. In order to avoid misalignment between the setting on the bench and the setting in the roll stand there is a calibrated adjusting piece, which can be seen on the picture below.

Auxiliary equipment

Morgårdshammar can, except for roller guides, also fulfil other needs in our customers wire rod blocks such as:

Guide Mounting systems
Static entry and exit guides
Interstand cooling systems
Lubrication system

Cassettes and Bases

Morgårdshammar has a wide range of cassettes and bases fitting to all rolling mill applications. Whatever the problem is we will supply a suitable solution.